Important information

Kyloe’s approach to modern slavery and human trafficking

Kyloe is committed to operating lawfully and ethically and to our best endeavour we will only work with clients and suppliers that are aligned to our values. We recognise that we are often part of a much wider supply chain, and we expect the clients we provide services for, and suppliers we use, to operate in line with all applicable modern slavery laws, including those prohibiting human slavery and slavery like practices, human trafficking and child labour. We value and observe all laws regarding CSR, environmental and workplace safety protection and staff inclusion and diversity.

Kyloe has legal entities in the United Kingdom, the USA & Australia. In total, Kyloe companies employ a team of approximately 50 globally.
Supply chain

Kyloe has a simple supply chain that includes the purchase of products and services needed for the businesses day-to-day operations, including office & computer supplies, training of employees, IT infrastructure and travel.

We consider the risk of modern slavery within our direct business operations to be low, though we do recognise that through our supply chain and our client engagements we can be exposed to the risk of modern slavery and human trafficking.

We take ownership and responsibility for the following steps, to identify and minimise the risk of modern slavery existing in our supply chain:
  • Annually assess the potential modern slavery risks in our operations and supply chains
  • Take steps to address any potential modern slavery risks identified, focusing on high risk products and services.

All suspected breaches will be investigated, with appropriate disciplinary and remedial action taken. We review our approach every year (and more if needed) so that we actively identify new risks.