Important information

Our responsibility

Kyloe is committed to operating lawfully and ethically. We consider the wider impact in our decision making, taking environmental and social responsibility for our actions – that’s why responsibility is one of our core values.

We value and observe laws on workplace safety protection, inclusion and diversity. We consider the environment and ethics when selecting our suppliers.

As a global tech company with an HQ in Orkney, we have a team of 35 professionals working in one of the remotest settlements in the UK.

  • We’re tapping into seriously under-utilised talent and providing economic benefit to the local community through quality jobs.
  • Through our graduate and summer placements, we have supported school and university leavers.
  • We support local business where we can in all of our locations and pay fairly for the goods and services we use.

We place a high value on sustainability - we challenge our processes so that we can make conscious decisions to a more sustainable future.

  • We brought new life to one of Kirkwall’s historic buildings, transforming it into a light and bright office space in the heart of the town.
  • We use 100% renewable energy, LED lightbulbs and energy efficient air source heating at our HQ in Kirkwall.
  • We provide cutlery and crockery and other reusable items, to avoid using disposable alternatives.
  • Our branding and merchandise is purchased with the impact to the environment in mind.
  • We dispose of waste responsibly and reuse and recycle where we can.
Modern slavery

We have a simple supply chain that includes the purchase of products and services needed for the business day-to-day operations, including office & computer supplies, training of employees, IT infrastructure and travel.

We consider the risk of modern slavery within our direct business operations to be low, though we do recognise that through our supply chain and client engagements we can be exposed to the risk of modern slavery and human trafficking.

We take ownership and responsibility for the following steps, to identify and minimise the risk of modern slavery existing in our supply chain:

  • Annually assess the potential modern slavery risks in our operations and supply chains.
  • Take steps to address any potential modern slavery risks identified, focusing on high risk products and services.

Suspected breaches are investigated, with appropriate disciplinary and remedial action. We review our approach every year (more if needed) so that we actively identify new risks.
Bribery and Corruption

We comply with anti-bribery laws globally.

Last updated: February 2021