How to meet demand and scale your light industrial staffing company

Speed is critical in the light industrial sector. According to SIA (2022), 60% of staffing companies in the sector struggle to keep up with demand, but only 18% leverage technology to improve operational inefficiencies and facilitate supply. For those who are using it, recruitment technology has become a game-changer in transforming operations, streamlining processes, and gaining a competitive edge.

Where to start?

1 | Integrate an efficient document management solution

As you know, the manual handling of an array of paperwork, from contracts to compliance forms can be laborious, prone to errors and often takes up too much staff time. Fortunately, recruitment tech solutions are here to address all these challenges, allowing you to free up your consultants’ time to focus on the stuff that computers can’t do.

Staffing-specific tech solutions, such as Kyloe AwesomeDocs, can transform your document management workflows by offering an easy-to-use system that sits inside Bullhorn, allowing you to digitize and automate the entire process!

2 | Eliminate mundane tasks by standardizing and automating resume and contract creation

Recruiters are often under pressure to make immediate mass hires in the light industrial sector, and this is where technology can be the ultimate game-changer. Integrated Bullhorn software solutions can help you speed up your processes to keep up with intense demand to ensure revenue while increasing accuracy and minimizing the risk of incorrect or incomplete information.

Predefined custom templates allow the creation of any candidate and client-facing documents, such as resumes and contracts, accurately and in record time by populating already existing information in your CRM. How much time can you save? Discover the real value with our ROI online calculator here.

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3 | Accelerate signing speed by integrating a cloud-based electronic signature solution like DocuSign
In such a tight market, staffing companies should use every tool at their disposal to attract candidates fast and allow them the convenience of signing anywhere, anytime, on any device access for completing documents. Luckily technology is here to accelerate signing speed, cycle time and generate results and revenue sooner.

Our DocuSign integration enables candidates to sign contracts digitally using any internet-connected device. This eliminates the need for printing, scanning, and mailing documents back and forth, while cutting down document handling costs by as much as 85% (and it's better for the planet!)

4 | Reduce duplication of efforts and compliance risks by turning your CRM into your single source of truth.

Generating documents outside Bullhorn can lead to files going missing, as consultants often use desktop programs to format them externally. This practice not only results in duplicated efforts but also raises concerns regarding legal and compliance issues.

By utilizing Kyloe AwesomeDocs to automatically save files to Bullhorn, teams can ensure greater transparency and collaboration, especially crucial in the context of the rising trend of remote working. With centralized document management within Bullhorn, all stakeholders can easily access, track, and collaborate on the necessary files, minimizing the risks associated with working on documents outside the system and fostering a more efficient and secure recruitment process.

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Introducing Kyloe AwesomeDocs for light industrial

With Kyloe AwesomeDocs for light industrial you can automate document management in Bullhorn, enabling you to meet demand, efficiently handle large volumes of paperwork, and place candidates in mass faster, ultimately winning more business.

What kind of documents can I use it for?

Generate branded covers and resumes in a matter of clicks
Create ready-to-send contracts using information from Bullhorn to ensure accuracy
Merge multiple documents into one polished pack
Send documents for electronic signature 50% faster

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