Remove bottlenecks in the candidate submission process with Kyloe and 3DIQ

Kyloe and 3DIQ team up to streamline candidate submissions for recruiting and staffing industry

Bullhorn marketplace partners Kyloe Partners and 3DIQ are teaming up to educate users on how the two technologies can be leveraged to remove bottlenecks in the candidate submission process and ultimately win more business.
Competition between staffing companies is high within hiring markets across all industries, making the need for quick submittals and positive client and candidate experiences a non-negotiable. Complementing each other perfectly, Kyloe AwesomeDocs and 3DIQ's Client Portal give clients more control and oversight of the candidate submission process, offering a solution to challenges commonly faced in the recruitment and staffing industry.

Using Kyloe AwesomeDocs, the complete document management system for Bullhorn, staffing firms can accelerate the candidate submission process while reducing compliance risk. This industry favorite allows users to create and format professional-looking and accurate candidate profiles in minutes, all without leaving Bullhorn. 

3DIQ's Client Portal then offers clients a seamless experience by allowing users to view submitted candidates and live status updates, managed automatically from Bullhorn.

Streamlining the inefficiencies encountered as part of the submission process gives staffing professionals time back in their day to nurture relationships with candidates and clients and make strong connections between people and jobs. 

A seamless experience

Raymond Pennie, Founder/CEO of Kyloe Partners, said, "3DIQ offer a great platform for clients to see and respond to submissions and get real-time feedback from clients. We are excited that, in partnership with Kyloe AwesomeDocs, recruiters will be able to send great-looking submissions from within Bullhorn. Together we look forward to helping many more Bullhorn clients streamline their processes in the coming months."

Smarter submissions

Tim Walker, Co-Founder/COO of 3DIQ said, “We're extremely excited to work with Kyloe to bring smarter submissions and an industry-best client portal to customers.  Kyloe’s expertise in Bullhorn pairs perfectly with 3DIQ’s vision for helping recruiters deliver better client experiences while further automating and streamlining workflows in Bullhorn.”
About Kyloe
Kyloe Partners are your Bullhorn specialists. Since being established in 2015, our solutions have helped 1,200+ companies of all sizes and complexities to achieve their goals and get the most out of Bullhorn. From document automation to data management to customizations, Kyloe helps you save time and money, improve ROI, and ultimately win more business.

About 3DIQ
3DIQ’s industry-leading product suite complements your submission process from start to finish. Through interactive candidate profiles that drive feedback and an easy-to-use client portal, we’ll help you deliver a cutting-edge customer experience. Now with 3DIQ's newest feature, Skill Marketing, automate proactive submissions and candidate lists using tearsheets.

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