With a shared commitment to environmental responsibility, Bullhorn and Kyloe are working together to make Engage Boston 2023 a more eco-friendly event

Kyloe partner with Bullhorn to drive sustainability at Engage Boston 2023

Bullhorn Engage Boston 2023, one of the most anticipated events in the recruitment industry calendar  is just around the corner. For this year’s event we are pleased to team up with Bullhorn as their official sustainability sponsor.

With a shared commitment to environmental responsibility, Bullhorn and Kyloe are working together to make Engage Boston 2023 a more sustainable and eco-friendly event by implementing a set of sustainability goals with a focus on minimizing waste and promoting responsible practices throughout the 2-day conference. Keep reading to learn some of the steps that Kyloe are taking to achieve this.

A ride to the Engage block party

Looking for something to do after Engage Boston? You’re invited to the Engage Block Party at the SoWa Power Station for drinks and networking - dance along to live music, get competitive with games and activities, and close out the conference in style! There’s no need to register separately for this event as its included with your Engage Boston registration.

In an effort to reduce carbon emissions, Kyloe will be providing a shuttle bus service for you to travel to and from the Engage after party, reducing the need for individual means of transport.

Do your part with Kyloe’s recycling bins

Keep an eye out for our recycling bins which you’ll find dotted around the event. By doing so you’ll be ensuring that recyclable items are properly disposed of and diverted from landfills!

Saying no to swag

This year we are challenging how we look at branded merchandise - while there might be lots of cheap options available, they can take an enormous toll on our planet. You won’t find any water bottles or tote bags on our booth this year, but we do have some delicious treats for you so swing by our booth to pick up yours.

A paperless approach

To reduce waste, Kyloe is going paperless where possible. Rather than relying on single-use printed materials like flyers, we’ll be using signage and QR codes. In the cases where printing is necessary, recyclable and recycled materials will be prioritized.
Each small step can lead to leaps towards a more sustainable future and we hope that this partnership at Engage Boston 2023 will serve as an inspiration for other industry events, encouraging a shift towards more sustainable practices and fostering a greener future for the recruitment industry.

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