Meet Paige, Kyloe's new Software Sales Executive. Learn more about her below!

Meet the team: Paige Kirkness, Software Sales Executive

After recently moving back home to Orkney, upon graduating from Queen Margaret University, we're delighted to welcome Paige to the team, as Software Sales Executive.
What's your role, in a nutshell?
My role at Kyloe includes introducing people to Kyloe products and demonstrating how we can help Bullhorn users turn repetitive, time-consuming tasks into a far more simple and efficient process.

What are you most looking forward to about the role?
I’m looking forward to expanding my knowledge of everything Kyloe. I’m loving being able to learn so much about the industry, the products, and the team themselves.

What brought you to the role?
My sister saw it advertised locally and told me I should go for it. I’d just moved back home to Orkney after graduating and really didn’t expect an opportunity like this one to arise, so I had to put myself out there and apply!

5 facts about Paige

1. I can play violin and piano.

2. I spent most of my childhood dancing and know both Irish and Highland, amongst other styles.

3. I have a blackbelt in kickboxing.

4. I have a bachelor’s degree in human biology.

5. I have had 8 different types of pets in my life so far.

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