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Paperwork slowing you down? 3 processes you can automate and streamline in Bullhorn

The automation trend shows no signs of slowing down in the recruiting and staffing industry. We’re used to hearing the conversation focus on data quality and communications, but have you considered how it could help you manage your paperwork more efficiently? 

Speed is crucial in the staffing industry, and your competitors are always looking for new ways to reduce the time it takes to submit candidates to clients and get contracts signed – if this isn’t an area of focus for you yet, keep reading!

The benefits are enormous – from winning more business to reducing compliance risk, this is a vast area of opportunity for recruiting and staffing companies. Read on to learn three key paperwork processes that you can automate and streamline in your Bullhorn platform…

Create: The best CV formatting tool for Bullhorn?

Manual document formatting can take up a considerable amount of your consultants’ time, taking them away from other essential tasks like speaking with clients and candidates. Or maybe you have an admin team focused purely on formatting CVs?

Recruiting and staffing paperwork extends way beyond CVs though – think contracts and terms of business. Much like Rolodexes and fax machines, we predict that manual document formatting will soon be a thing of the past.

If missing out to competitors due to the slow turnaround of documents isn’t enough to persuade you, what about compliance risk and damage to your reputation?

Check out this case study to learn how we helped Yolk dramatically reduce the time it was taking to format CVs, improving accuracy and collaboration at the same time.

Document formatting before and after Kyloe AwesomeDocs

Before: Unprofessional or unbranded documents
After: Custom templates enable professional branded polish every time

Before: Errors due to consultants creating contracts manually
After: Locked in clauses approved by your legal and compliance team and details like salary and start date auto-populated from Bullhorn

Before: Files going missing due to consultants using desktop programs outside of Bullhorn to format
After: Automated workflows encourage your users to work within the CRM, keeping everything centrally stored and easily accessible

Share: The best way to merge staffing documents in Bullhorn?

The process of building packets of documents for sharing - for example, for submitting candidates to clients - can be a huge time suck. Knowing what documents even to include is the first hurdle – different clients have different requirements, and it can be challenging to try and keep track of this!

And then when you know what your client wants, locating the correct files (things like cover sheet, CV, skills checklists, and certifications) can take a long time – where speed is critical this time could be the difference between you and your competitor winning the placement.

Performing the merge is the next step – something that isn’t easy when you have tens of files, often in multiple formats!

How you can save 25 mins when creating document packets

Using Kyloe AwesomeDocs, we reduced the process of building candidate submission packets from 27mins down to just 3mins for CrossMed Healthcare, a healthcare staffing firm. And they can do this all without leaving Bullhorn!

As a result of this time reduction, CrossMed has been able to make many more submissions and subsequently celebrate an increase in placements!

Hear from CrossMed on how we helped them achieve this with this case study.

Sign: The quickest way to get staffing contracts signed and returned?

Getting the contract created and the candidate secured is a crucial part of the process and one where you can make use of the data in Bullhorn to streamline how quickly you’re sending it out.

Have you ever had a contract go out that contains the wrong information? We’ve heard from clients in the past who have manually input a higher salary which has caused damage to their brand reputation!

Sending contracts manually can also result in a lack of visibility and require you to do much chasing to find out the status. And when the contract comes back, it’s often lost in the depths of an email inbox for days!

Send contracts 50% faster

Austin Fraser used to take around 15 minutes to create and send a contract – thanks to Kyloe AwesomeDocs, they’ve been able to reduce this time to just seven minutes!

In addition to the timesaving, it also comes with the added benefit of automatically tracking that the contract has been sent and saving the signed version back to the correct record.

Learn more in our Austin Fraser case study.

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