Automation should be simple, right...?

Part 1: Staffing automation - 6 key challenges

Automation. The term implies simplicity – if a process is too time-consuming, laborious or complex, just automate it. And when done well, automation does indeed simplify and streamline all manner of staffing systems and processes.

But automation doesn’t just happen, and many staffing companies underestimate just how challenging that ‘doing it well’ bit is.

It’s critical that any staffing and recruiting organization aiming to capitalize on automation goes into the process with their eyes wide open. Only by understanding the breadth and scope of the task from the get-go can you successfully navigate it, and enjoy the incredible ROI that a modern tool like Bullhorn Automation – formerly known as Herefish – can bring.

Let’s take a look at the six main automation challenges, spanning the human and the technical, and how your organization might overcome them.

Human challenges

A gap in understanding and focus

Many staffing firms have been caught up in the hype of automation in recent years. They hear about the success of a competitor or acquaintance, then scramble to implement a solution.

But automation represents a fundamental change for a firm – nothing less than a transformation in how the company operates. It therefore demands deep consideration and careful planning.

Many companies slap on a single solution, then forget what they were trying to achieve. They lack the necessary focus from the start.

A lack of expertise

There are plenty of modern technologies that your average staffing firm can easily implement in house… but automation typically isn’t one.

While it may look simple when properly set up, automation is a deeply technical undertaking, and implementation demands a range of highly specialized skills.

At minimum you’ll need a data expert, an automation expert and a recruitment systems expert. Most firms either don’t realize this or don’t have the budget for it, leading to underwhelming results.

Not spreading the load

While it demands specialist expertise during the implementation phase, the reality is that comprehensive automation is everyone’s business, as your whole team stands to benefit from it.

You therefore need to be cognizant of potential knowledge gaps – you can’t have your automation dreams fall in a heap if a certain individual leaves your organization. Be sure to spread the knowledge and responsibility load.

Technical challenges

Taking a narrow view

Often the inspiration to automate will come from a specific workflow that a firm has seen elsewhere. But in automation there’s always more than meets the eye, with a seemingly simple process touching all parts of your IT infrastructure.

The implementation of Bullhorn Automation (Herefish) demands a holistic view: one that considers how it will interact with all aspects of your business, both on a technical and human level.

Dodgy data

Successful automation is built on a foundation of clean and organized data – something that many staffing firms don’t have. Indeed, many firms not only lack the ability to clean the issue up, but to identify it in the first place.

Automation incompatibility

Along with good data, successful automation demands the right tools, processes and workflows. If these things aren’t set up in the right way your automations won’t get off the ground.

Have you checked, for example, that your CRM contains the fields you need for your automations to work correctly? If not, you’ll be destined to fail before you even begin.

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