Read our blog to find out how Kyloe are partnering with Bullhorn IMPACT and taking steps towards a sustainable future at Engage Sydney this year!

Saying no to swag at Engage Sydney with Bullhorn IMPACT

Kyloe are changing how we approach Engage Sydney this year! You won't find any swag at our booth – instead, we are supporting the Bullhorn IMPACT program.

Why?! Well, we take our company value of responsibility and playing our part in contributing towards a sustainable future seriously. This year we are challenging how we look at branded merchandise - while there might be lots of cheap options available, they can take an enormous toll on our planet.

So, at Engage Sydney next month, come and meet our local team at the booth, learn about our Kyloe values, and how we support Bullhorn customers and the local community.
Lauren Miller (Global Marketing and Communications Manager, Kyloe Partners) said “Often, these promotional products end up in landfill after the event, adding to the already massive amount of waste.

There’s still a time and place for branded merchandise that adopts a more mindful approach which is something we’ve been working towards - creating smaller quantities of quality products that we are gifting to specific people.”
Lee Whitaker (Chief Operations Officer, Kyloe Partners) said “When making decisions we focus on the long term and consider the wider impact, taking social and environmental responsibility for our actions.

Bullhorn Engage in Sydney is a perfect opportunity to put this at the forefront and show our support of the local community. We hope that the conference attendees will join us in making a difference, one step at a time.”

What is Bullhorn Impact?

The Bullhorn IMPACT program donates time, talent and treasure to regional and local non-profit organisations that are focused on putting the world to work and making positive changes in people’s lives and their communities.
Joshua McCole (APAC Account Executive, Bullhorn) said “Bullhorn IMPACT is excited to partner with Kyloe at Engage Sydney! We'll be raising awareness and giving back to three great organisations at Engage.

Strong partnerships with businesses like Kyloe supports the Bullhorn IMPACT mission of providing these organisations with increased exposure of the positive work they're doing in our communities.”

Visit us at Engage Sydney to learn more!

Each Sydney Engage attendee will find a token in their lanyard. Visit the Kyloe booth to learn how you can use this to support Bullhorn IMPACT.

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