We've hit a huge milestone - doubling our Orkney staff!

We did it! We've doubled our local workforce in Orkney

In 2018, we came up with a big new company goal. As part of our vision to sustain and grow an innovative business centred in Orkney that delivers long term value to the recruitment industry, we wanted to double the size of our Orkney based team. With support from Highland and Islands Enterprise funding, this dream has become a reality, as we're now celebrating reaching this goal.

Our move to Custom House

With an employee count of 19 in 2018, our original office space could no longer support us. After outgrowing our previous premises, the expansion of our team to 38 Orkney employees was supported by a £191k investment from Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE). Keen to remain in the heart of Orkney, we moved to the landmark Custom House in Kirkwall.

The investment from HIE helped facilitate our move to the larger premises and upgrade of the building, breathing new life into one of Kirkwall's historic buildings. Our new light and bright office space has the capacity for 50 employees, expanding job opportunities in the technology sector in Orkney, which has remained resilient during the pandemic.

With the vision to sustain and grow an innovative business based in Orkney that delivers long term value to the recruitment industry, we set out with a goal to expand our local workforce two-fold. Now, we have successfully met this goal, signing our 38th Orkney-based employee in April this year, and are continuing to grow.

Simone Pennie, Finance & HR Director:

 “We’ve worked very closely with HIE and are really grateful for the investment received and support in helping us achieve our goals.

“The office space that we now have has allowed us to grow in line with our business objectives and offers our employees a positive and collaborative working environment.

“Whilst we haven’t been able to have the full team in the office during the pandemic, it has provided a safe environment for those who weren’t able to work from home during the lockdown.

“The nature of our business means that the impact from the COVID-19 has been minimal, and we look forward to continuing to work towards our vision and growing the Orkney based business further.”

Ruth Kirkpatrick, Head of Business Growth for HIE in Orkney:

“Kyloe is an ambitious young company, which is making a significant contribution to the economy by employing a growing number of skilled people locally to service a marketplace that stretches across the world. We are really pleased to see the goals for this development being achieved and look forward to working with Kyloe in the future.”

Fiona Morgan, company secretary and lawyer:

Our company secretary and lawyer, Fiona Morgan, also represents the business in the Kirkwall BID. She says “The transformation of this former retail space into Kyloe’s office in such a prominent space in the town centre has been great not only for the business, but for the increased footfall it brings to the main streets. It fits well with the BID’s aims of promoting and enhancing the town centre.

"We are looking forward to welcoming everyone back into the office when it’s safe to do so and continuing to play our role in keeping Kirkwall’s award-winning town centre vibrant."

Interested in joining us?

With 10 new hires in 2021 so far (50% of which are in Orkney), our full Kyloe team extends to a total of 60 employees across the globe. Our focus now is on growing the product side of the business and we plan to continue recruiting both locally and farther afield to help support this.

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