Using AI as part of your recruitment strategy? Get your data in order first!

Your key to success with AI? Data quality in Bullhorn

AI is so much more than a buzzword with many recruitment companies already adopting it as part of their strategy in 2023. If you’re considering it for 2024, there’s a key step that could make or break your success: cleaning up your Bullhorn data.

That’s right, data quality has an enormous impact not only on automation tools (like Bullhorn Automation) but also generative AI solutions that will use your Bullhorn data to inform their output.

With a constant stream of data flowing into your CRM from various sources and integrations, recruitment companies are at high risk of encountering problems with data integrity.

We’re not trying to put you off AI or automation, in fact, we’re big advocates. What we do want is for you to be successful – these tools help streamline processes and improve efficiency, enabling you to do more with less, and users report major revenue gains.

Keep reading to explore the connection between data quality and AI tools, and learn how you can take control of your Bullhorn data.

The problem: Inaccurate insights, biased predictions, and made-up results

AI needs data - there are no reliable outputs without reliable data. So, if your database is full of dupes, missing data, and outdated information, your AI efforts will be redundant.

Let's say you want to match a candidate to a job and generate an email pitching them as the ideal candidate. This is a great use case for generative AI, but if the candidate doesn’t have skills from employment histories populated in the right place in Bullhorn, your pitch is going to fall short. And if you’re relying on your recruiters to add skills manually, its likely there will be gaps.

Unlocking the ability to update your data

Making updates in Bullhorn using native functionality is manual and time-consuming. For example, when merging dupes, Bullhorn only allows you to merge records one by one, so if you have more than one duplicate (which, don’t we all?), you need a huge time and resource investment. And mass data updates in Bullhorn just aren’t possible without a third-party (more to come on that…).

When introducing new manual processes to keep your data in shape, what usually happens is that people do it well for the first day or two, and then things start to slip. Before you know it, your database is out of date again. How can you prevent that slippage back to where you started?

So, what if you want to merge dupes and update your Bullhorn data at scale? You need a third-party, whether that’s a one-off data update by a team of data engineers, or a tool that allows you to manage your Bullhorn data on an ongoing basis.

Transforming your Bullhorn data with Kyloe DataTools

Developed by our team of data experts, Kyloe DataTools integrates with your Bullhorn system, giving you control of the quality of your data. Key features include:

  • Bulk duplicate merging on candidates, contacts, and companies, with flexible matching and merging criteria that lets you stay in full control.
  • Mass update records manually or schedule automatic updates. Find, replace, format, append, copy and move values into other fields within the same entity, or from across linked entity records.
  • Identify incomplete and outdated records by running searches that native Bullhorn functionality doesn’t allow and add up to 10,000 records to a tearsheet so you can take action.

How Kyloe Datatools will improve your AI output

By ensuring high-quality data in Bullhorn, Kyloe DataTools can help improve your automation and AI outputs in the following ways:

  • More accurate results: Kyloe DataTools ensures that your Bullhorn data is clean and relevant, which will lead to more accurate AI outputs, that you can use as part of your workflows.
  • Better reporting: Kyloe DataTools helps you generate better insights by eliminating supplicate records and ensuring consistency, even across historical values.
  • Make informed decisions: Be confident that the data you use as part of decision making is reliable.

If you take one thing away from this blog, make it that there is no power from AI without good data. To get full value from AI as part of your recruitment and staffing strategy, you need to ensure your data is fit for purpose. Kyloe DataTools is the ultimate solution for unlocking the power to transform your Bullhorn data.

Check the quality of your Bullhorn data

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