Kyloe AI Assist interactive demo

See what it's like to run pre-defined AI prompts directly from within Bullhorn with our generative AI solution.

Attract top talent

  • Create high-performing job adverts and role descriptions: craft compelling job postings that attract the best candidates.
  • Generate targeted candidate communications: build candidate loyalty with personalized and timely communications.

Ensure your candidates shine

  • Summarize candidate skills and experience: quickly highlight key qualifications and experience, ensuring that your submissions stand out.
  • Generate interview questions: prepare your candidates thoroughly, enabling them to impress in every interview and increasing your conversion rates.

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Key features

  • Seamless Bullhorn integration: Keep everything in one place.
  • User-friendly: No technical expertise our experts take care of the hard part, including creating and managing prompts for your end users.
  • Multiple LLMs*; access a range of language models, including:
    • Chat GPT 3.5
    • Chat GPT 4 TURBO
    • Claude 3
  • Use your Bullhorn data to enrich your AI generated content: Incorporate Bullhorn data from related entity records and files into your AI prompts
  • Intelligent data comparison: Use AI to compare data across records from multiple entities (for example, candidates, jobs, and job submissions)

*Models regularly updated

Example use cases

  • Job - Generate job adverts
  • Job - Generate screening questions
  • Job submissions - Create summaries of candidate for job
  • Job submissions - Create competency interview questions to prepare for
  • Job submissions - Create outreach communications tailored to the candidate or the hiring manager
  • Job submissions Stack rank candidates
  • Job - Social media ads
  • Candidate - Summarise the skills and experience
  • Candidate - Create profile summaries
  • Candidate - Create outreach communications
  • Candidate Translate CVs
  • Contact - Create outreach emails
  • Contact - Conduct company research for business development
  • All - Translate content into other languages

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Success Stories

See how we work with our clients to maximise their Bullhorn investment.
"The Bullhorn Automation implementation with Kyloe was awesome."
Andvaris - Bullhorn Automation implementation
"Kyloe DataTools allowed us to effectively merge records automatically and consistently in Bullhorn."
Dartmouth - Kyloe DataTools
"I would highly recommend their Bullhorn expertise."
Davies Resourcing Solutions - Database merge following Bullhorn M&A
"...we want to partner with the best service providers, and Kyloe was truly excellent."
Fuel Recruitment - Bullhorn Growth Edition implementation
"Kyloe AwesomeDocs has streamlined the submission packet creation process saving a significant amount of time..."
How we help healthcare recruiters win more business
Here’s how IDR is dramatically improving Bullhorn data quality and efficiency with Kyloe DataTools Download PDF
IDR - Kyloe DataTools
"I feel we went from the Stone Age to the most advanced technology that does what we need to do overnight." Download PDF
IDR Healthcare - Kyloe AwesomeDocs
"With Kyloe AwesomeDocs it is really easy to set up unique agreements that fulfil particular client and candidate needs."
isgSearch - Kyloe AwesomeDocs
"After 12 years on JobAdder we had a lot of data to migrate, and processes to review and implement - Kyloe came highly recommended from Bullhorn."
Keegan Adams - Bullhorn implementation from JobAdder
"With Kyloe AwesomeDocs our submission rate has increased by 20% - 30% - it's like a time machine!"
Lead Health - Kyloe AwesomeDocs
"...I would highly recommend partnering with Kyloe on Bullhorn Automation."
Lex Consultancy - Bullhorn Automation (formerly Herefish) enablement
"By generating contracts using Kyloe AwesomeDocs we are minimizing our error margins and keeping everything centralized in Bullhorn"
LRS Healthcare - Kyloe AwesomeDocs
"Kyloe DataTools is the most powerful tool we have at our fingertips - we use it every day."
LRS Healthcare - Kyloe DataTools
"Kyloe AwesomeDocs made our contractor setup process quick and easy – reducing the time from 30 to 2 minutes!"
North Highland - Kyloe AwesomeDocs
“I would 100% recommend partnering with Kyloe on your Bullhorn Automation setup."
Sphere Digital Recruitment - Bullhorn Automation (formerly Herefish) implementation
"...they gave advice on how get the most out of Bullhorn's functionalities in a way that worked for us."
Talentpath - Bullhorn implementation
"Our project team were extremely knowledgeable on what was a very complex project."
The Brightwater Group - Bullhorn implementation
"Kyloe’s Bullhorn knowledge was exceptional!"
Whitehall Resources - Bullhorn implementation, Automation & Analytics
"The completion of the project gave us great confidence that Bullhorn could be reshaped to address other innovations and needs, and that Kyloe were extremely capable of delivering these."
"Kyloe were absolutely invaluable in this process, we couldn’t have done it without them!"
Cherry Professional
"The Kyloe team really took the time to understand how we used our current database and our business processes which really helped when setting up our new Bullhorn system with regards to customisations and integrations."
Macdonald and Company
"Kyloe are highly educated in the CRM (Bullhorn) we use and offered creative ideas on how to accomplish our goals, regardless of complexity at hand. Their confidence and teamwork to find the best solution was very reassuring to us."
The Delta Companies
"Kyloe delivered a structured process for the whole migration and configuration, and guided us perfectly through the whole project. We knew at any time at which point in the project we were and what we had to do next."
"I still remember emailing our employment contracts and spending hours chasing signatures. With Docusign, Kyloe's AwesomeDocs and Bullhorn; contracts are generated with 4 mouse clicks (literally) and the next time we see them they are signed and saved back to Bullhorn."
Agri Labour
"Contracts or Terms of Business - created in seconds. Kyloe really has nailed AwesomeDocs. It's intuitive, powerful and can be used by all with minimal training."
"The Kyloe Training team were extremely helpful and personable with our staff and really went the extra mile to talk our ‘IT Dinosaurs’ through the Bullhorn Software."
Michael Taylor Search and Selection
"We worked with Kyloe to successfully migrate key data from Itris to Bullhorn, combining the two databases into a single one. Migrating data into an existing database is a really complex project but everything went really smoothly thanks to Kyloe’s professionalism and expertise."
NES Fircroft